Client-centric service.

Our name is based on the concept of a Mobïus strip, which we believe embodies a single, continuous approach to our work.

IoT Implementation

With a growing emphasis on Industrial IoT (IIoT) we provide technology and resources to manage fleet and physical assets, provide real-time feedback about productivity, and reduce downtime in the supply chain, manufacturing process, as well as throughout your product’s life cycle. We also bring the power of “big data” to small- and medium-sized businesses by deploying proven software and systems in existing or new infrastructures to help you drive ROI and reduce unexpected costs.

License Plate Readers

Our diverse knowledge of this rapidly evolving technology allows us to tailor and install the latest cloud-connected solutions, integrate SaaS models, and deploy tested hardware to neighborhoods, local and state governments, and private businesses.

Vehicle UPfitting

Our belief is that procuring safe and reliable aftermarket equipment for a single vehicle or an entire fleet should be seamless and stress-free.  We provide an industry leading professional process from sourcing equipment to installation through warranty to ensure your business never stops.

Waypoint Integration

From small bluetooth communicators to large cloud-connected MIMO data funnels, we tailor solutions that support user/customer integration, privacy and business ROI at critical locations across your service area.  We also offer support from design through installation and warranty.

Police Interview Room Cameras

Ensuring the safety of your employees and assets, as well as compliance and clear evidence collection, should be part of a reliable and stress-free system. We install systems that meet stringent department, state, and federal guidelines for security, privacy and human rights.

Commercial Security Cameras

With business ROI, compliance and employee safety at the top of the list for most retailers, warehousers, and suppliers throughout your supply chain we provide a tailored solution to offer you a clear picture of what drives growth, hurts the bottom line, and always delivers peace of mind.

Commercial Fleet installations

Managing and maintaining fleet is a complex business and critical to supporting ROI and growth.  Acquiring and fitting out new vehicles, and upgrading existing assets, shouldn’t be a roadblock.  With over 10 years of combined upfitting fleet experience we remove obstacles, lower costs and project airtight timelines to keep your fleet in motion.

Project Management / Logistics

Our proven history of success, efficiency, collaboration and excellence are the hallmarks of great project management. From a single timeline to multiple, independent projects running at once we tailor our management experience to your needs from conception through project close.

Manufacturing / Assembly Services

Our workforce and facilities are equipped for warehousing, automation, and assembly line ensuring your supply chain is optimized and your contracts for product are fulfilled. Our experience mapping the value stream allows us to provide Lean solutions to your materials-handling, production, manufacturing, and assembly processes.