Technology integration for your industry.

See how we specialize in solutions for government, commercial, education, retail, and healthcare.


We are a veteran-owned, small business capable of fulfilling government contracts through rigorous resource management and agile field capabilities. We serve local, state and federal governments with a tested, professional approach to technology integration, asset lifecycle management, vehicle upfitting, and information technology implementation like IoT- capable devices and solutions that are CUI compliant according to NIST SP 800-171 Rev. 2.


We approach commercial technology integration as an opportunity to bring small and medium sized businesses to the industry’s edge. This ensures growth and innovation in the dynamic and competitive private sector in the United States. We implement digital tools like policy enforcing and device management solutions that are built on MDM, JAMF, and UEM. We have a tested and professional approach to commercial fleet upfitting and lifecycle upgrades.


We bring proven and secure information technology, cloud, and end-user solutions to the education sector giving students, educators, and administrators alike access to powerful and transformative tools that enrich lives. We support device programs like 1-to-1 computing through deployment, management, and service, and we can implement policy enforcing and device management through an array of standardized tools.


We bring vast experience in all ranges of retail— including high-end, niche market, from shopkeeper to CEO—that empowers growth and innovation. With respect to design standards, we integrate minimally visible and seamless systems that drive KPIs and transform customer experiences. We deploy modern POS systems and scalable inventory solutions built on IoT-ready devices and technology, and our consultation delivers actionable, ROI-based opportunities.


We provide tested, secure, and compliant information technology systems to healthcare professionals in the public and private sector. While maintaining compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations we implement IoT-ready and network-independent technology solutions to private practices and to small and medium sized healthcare networks. We believe that the healthcare industry can be positively patient- focused and secure while embracing compliant technology on the industry’s edge.